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My pics, art, and poems are kinda weird and a little bad, but it's part of what happens when your not that good.


Check out all the good art from other people!!!!!!!^^


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Kyo’s POV

“Everything okay there Kyo?” Shigure inquired.

“No. Tohru’s trying not to make any of us worried about her, she sucks at it,” I remark miserably.

I step away from the phone and head into the kitchen. It took me forever to get ahold of not only her number but the address. Once I get ahold of him he’s not going to see the next light of day. Quickly opening the refrigerator I grab the milk on the top shelf. Closing the refrigerator I head over the stove and pull out the pan from the cabinet.

“You don’t seem too excited to go see Miss Honda next week. Is everything okay?”

“Not right now rat.”

“You know I’m not going to accept that answer.”

Yuki stands besides me. Ever since Tohru left, Yuki and I have tried patching things up. There are times when neither of us want to deal with each other, but today is not one of those days. I turn to Yuki, his eyes are unwavering and that scares me. “I want Tohru home,” I utter before I even process what else to say.

Yuki sighs, like he’s given up. “I know and I do too. Next week when we go and see her- we’ll try to bring her home with us.”

“But you and I both know that’s not going to happen!”

“You say that but you honestly don’t know. Stop making assumptions.”

“Fuck you! You don’t know anything you damn rat!”

“Stupid cat you don’t know anything. Calm down, when we see Miss Honda you better be on your best behavior. When we get that Sensei of hers alone, we’ll talk to him.”

“What happens if that doesn’t work?” I utter quietly.

“Then we’ll come up with a plan if we have to...I got to go; student council. Try not to wallow in despair while I’m gone idiot cat.”

I clutch the counter. I know he’s right. I can’t let this get to me. If I have to I’ll sneak her out of the house. We’ll drive to the airport and go far away from that place. I shouldn’t say that, it sounds like I’m kidnapping her. What the hell is wrong with me? God damn it all to hell!

Tohru’s POV

The floor is cold, it feels soothing against my skin. I push my face into the tile floor. I don’t ever want to get up from this floor. My body is in pain. I should be used to this by now, I’ve grown up with this. The reason why I’m in pain is because I decided not to go home after school. I put this on myself.


I open the door to the house and walk in.

Torrance, my sensei, is staring at me, eyes criticizing me. I’ve done it now. I’ve defied him. I have done something that I should not have done in the first place. I should have gone home right after school. It’s too late, I have to deal with the consequences.

He gets up from the chair in the living room and walks over to the door. He shuts it quietly, trying not to spook me.

“Where have you been?” his voice is calm but eerie.

I need to lie. I need to lie. I need to lie. “My phone died. I stayed after school to go over homework with one of my teachers.”

He walks back to the living room and sits on the sofa. “Come sit next to me.”

I stay standing until he looks over at me from where he is sitting. I walk to the living room and sit down. My body is haywired.

Torrance gently grabs my hand and looks at it. He peeks up at me and examines my face. “You usually don’t disobey. You know you have to face the consequences.”

My breath hitches up. I know where this is leading. He slowly lets go of my hand.

He rises from the couch and turns towards me. His hand rises and then he pauses. Suddenly I feel a force against my cheek, my eyes are closed. Before I can even react my head is turned once again. My other cheek has been hit.

I am then being lifted from the couch like a rag doll. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know what he’s going to do next. I realize what he’s about to do. I can’t stop him because if I do, there will be more pain.

With a sudden movement, his leg makes contact with my ribs. My body hits the wall then the floor. I can already tell at least one of my ribs have been broken. He strides over to me and gazes down. His leg rises again and slams against my stomach. I want to hurl. No….I want to die. I don’t want this. All of a sudden, Sensei stops.

He nonchalantly strolls to the kitchen. I can’t see what he pulls out from one the draws but he picks something up and calmly walks back over to me. In his hand there’s a knife. I’m petrified. I do want to move but my body lays still.

“I thought I taught you manners. You listen. You obey. That is how you are suppose to live. Next time I’ll use this on you if you do not behave.” He murmurs, holding the knife up against his chest.

“I promise. I promise I’ll behave. I’ll be good for you, I swear.”

Torrance drops the knife at his feet and bends down. His hand cups my face, my tears are now evident to him and I. He pulls my head down a little and kisses my forehead. I have been forgiven.


Sensei dragged me to the bathroom to clean me up after that. All I can hear is him whisper that he is sorry. He repeats and repeats and repeats. I believe him. I always have. He always treats me the best when I want something. He only hurts me when he knows I made a bad decision. He looks out for me and I am grateful.

I gradually pull myself by using the wall as leverage. I wish I did not get up but I have to. I step to the sink and stare at my reflection in the mirror. My face is red. I open the mirror cabinet and pull out my makeup. I close the cabinet and review the makeup in front of me. I open everything up and start dabbing cosmetics all over my face.

Heading out the bathroom and into my bedroom I find sunflowers on my dresser drawer. I jaunt over and spy a little white piece of paper in the center of the banquet. I pull it out and see my name in cursive letters. Sighing, I open it up.

Dear Tohru,

I am deeply sorry that this happened. You know I did not mean to do that to you. You know how angry I get sometimes, even when I try to be reasonable. I only want what’s best for you - in everything. But, please forgive me for what I have done to you. I promise that I won’t let this happen again. I’ll make it up to this week.


Torrance Sensei
Kyo and Tohru 5
I'm going to hell. And please don't kill me.
I'm discontinuing Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO. I don't know if someday I'll change my mind on Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO, but right now, it's not going to continue.
But there is good news!
Kyo and Tohru will still be continued, I'm writing chapter 8 right now and a friend of mine is editing it. I'm excited for you guys to read it. Please look forward to the new chapters, thank you.
I'm discontinuing Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO. I don't know if someday I'll change my mind on Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO, but right now, it's not going to continue.
But there is good news!
Kyo and Tohru will still be continued, I'm writing chapter 8 right now and a friend of mine is editing it. I'm excited for you guys to read it. Please look forward to the new chapters, thank you.

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